A common problem that we hear from clients when they start utilizing Instagram is how often should they be posting, what and when. While there is no recipe to this, the answer we give is the same for all businesses, no matter what size. It all depends on your customers. The level of engagement you experience on your Instagram account will guide you to what content to post, when and how often.

Introducing yourself

An introduction to your brand is the starting point of every business’ social presence. You need to explain how and why you got into your industry in your own voice which can then be followed on future posts. Adding a flavour of personality to your posts will drive your engagement levels compared to hard selling through a picture of a product. Be real, post what you’d like to see others post when browsing on your own profile.

Show Personality

The one thing I constantly stress to clients is that people love other people, not businesses. Don’t get me wrong, you will receive engagement regardless but from experience, the more you show off your personality and humanise your brand online, the more people will relate to you and your content.

Video is King

They say a picture shows a thousand words, if that is the case, a video shows a thousand pictures. It’s been documented all over the internet how users engage more when they see a video, but little known fact Instagram boosts video posts more than any other kind of post. If you want to quickly increase engagement then post a video, make sure the content you post is something that you’d personally watch though, no one likes a boring video!
Video Tip – If your video exceeds 60 seconds, upload it to IGTV instead of just showing a preview and then linking externally. Instagram frowns upon sending users away from their application.

User-Generated Content

If you’re selling a physical item, allow your customers to do all the hard work for you by reposting the images they’ve shared of your product!
People struggle to put trust in the products they see online so anything you can get your hands on to back up your company vision is a fantastic asset.
In a study, it was revealed that 90% of consumers say that a company that uses customer taken images for promotion holds more influence over their buying decisions than promotional emails and search engine results.
Tip – Incentivise your following to send in content by offering a discount on future purchases or hosting a photo competition with a prize for the winner.


Love them or hate them, hashtags will completely transform your engagement. It’s important to be specific with hashtags though and relate them to your content else you risk getting a shadowban. Aim to use 10 specific hashtags rather than 30 generic ones. I used to love being able to hide my hashtags in the comment section but it is being reported that commented hashtags aren’t making it onto the search pages anymore so make sure you put the hashtags in your caption!

Location Tagging

A key Instagram feature that is often overlooked is Geo-tagging. If you haven’t done so already, create a location for your business on instagram. This will allow you and your customers to geotag future posts with your location and is especially great to those known in busy areas, as Instagram users can search solely by location and will be able to find you. Geotag your posts whether you’re traveling or at home in your office to give users just one more way to find you.
To create a geotag for your business, you first need to change your account to a business account then you need to add your business address to your profile.


There is no shortcut to figuring out the best time to post and it requires you can do testing as this information differs from account to account. Keep a note of when you post and how popular the post has been. After a while, you should begin to get an accurate picture of when your followers best react to your content.

Consistency is Key

The number 1 rule to Instagram marketing is to stay consistent. You need to stick to a rigid routine when it comes to the amount you post. Don’t spam people but also don’t let them forget about you/your business. Balance is key and we highly recommend posting at the bare minimum twice a week. If you stop regular posting, your organic reach will be affected and the only cure to get it back on track is to start regularly posting again.