We are all aware of the latest Instagram Algorithm changes and if you haven’t heard about it, where have you been hiding? The changes are causing a lot of distress in the social community as users are noticing less engagement on their posts.

In a nutshell, the new changes mean when you post something on Instagram, it is only shown to 10% of your followers. If the post does well with the initial 10%, it will then get shown to the other 90% which is why you’ve noticed that some posts do really well while others, not so much.

Top tips on how to master the 2018 Instagram Algorithm Changes

To receive engagement, you have to give it.

To get your engagement levels back up, you will have to start putting in more work. Comments are the goldmine of Instagram, if you are not replying to comments, not only are you not showing your followers love, but this will give you a ding with the algorithm.

Think of comments like conversations, you wouldn’t ignore someone asking you a question so don’t ignore your readers! If the comment doesn’t require a response, heart it as this will show the Instagram gods that you’re active on the platform and contributing.

When interacting with other users, keep your comments above 4 words, this is the new guideline that instagram uses to distinguish real engagement.

Time matters so make sure your replies are posted within the first hour, the slower your response time, the more your exposure will decrease.

If you plan on posting a new picture, spend 20 minutes engaging on the platform before making the post, this will help increase your total exposure of the post.


Emoji’ are no longer sufficient captions. Captions need to be engaging to increase authentic comments on your post. Make people want to comment and give their thoughts on your post!

We used to post hashtags in the first comment of all our posts, but the new changes will mean you have to be specific with your hashtags so it doesn’t appear as spam. Aim to use 10 specific hashtags rather than 30 generic ones. I loved being able to hide my hashtags in the comment section but it is being reported that commented hashtags aren’t making it onto the search pages anymore.

Once you have thought of the perfect caption, stick with it! Editing of the caption in the first 24 hours of the post will have a negative effect on the performance so make sure you get it right the first time and don’t remove those hashtags too early!


Instagram stories are playing a huge roll in the new algorithm changes. I know its hard work but the more content you publish, the more likely it is that people will engage with you.

Tag locations and use hashtags in all your stories as all these small details add up. You will appear on your local stories if you tag your location which we noticed with the “Cambridge Story” will add 200+ views.

Another tip is to shout out other accounts in your story as when they message you back and you interact, it shows Instagram that you are authentically engaging with the community.

Stop posting just to increase post count

I have noticed a lot of Instagram Influencers decreasing their posting amounts. Instead of posting three times a day, a lot of users are posting once a day or even once every few day, but when they do post, its better content.

Instead of posting a recycled picture, hold off and wait until you come up with something you’re proud of.

If I haven’t already stressed it enough on this blog post, here it is again. Instagram wants you to act REAL. They want to see you engaging with other users and having regular conversations. So although you’ve just taken your best picture yet, take a minute to just explore the app and leave real comments on other users posts. Don’t just spam comments on high profile accounts, comment cause you want to leave your input. Be a real person.

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