In April 2015 Google announced the start of ‘Mobilegeddon’ which informed us that mobile rankings would fluctuate and differ for mobile-friendly websites. In 2015 it was also announced that mobile search queries would overtake desktop and that we could expect to see this figure continue to rise in the next few years.

Just over a year later Google rolled out yet another mobile update to further benefit mobile sites and if all these changes weren’t enough for you, Google then decided to release plans about a ‘mobile-first index’ meaning it would start ranking its listings based on the mobile version of sites to satisfy the majority of its users.

This is a massive change that has sparked lots of interest across the web because Google has always crawled and prioritised the desktop version. This will all be coming to a halt soon, but when we are not sure. It has been announced that Google has begun testing this mobile-index and we can definitely expect to see something to roll out this year.

With this in mind it’s now more important than ever to make sure your website is responsive and extremely mobile friendly. With search queries taking place on mobile devices more, its vital to ensure your website is set up to convert these types of visitors as well as your standard desktop users.

User experience and navigation will have a key part to play in how your website will succeed in this, it is also critical that you are optimising for mobile search and making mobile SEO factors a priority by ensuring things like page speed loading times are fast.

A Brief History of Mobile SEO updates

 April 2015 – Google announces mobile algorithm update ‘Mobilegeddon’ that would cause a shift in rankings for mobile-friendly websites, this was rumoured to start on the 21st/22nd of April.

May 2015 – Google confirms that there are now more searches taking place on mobile devices than on desktop.

May 2016 – Google rolls out an additional mobile update that will further boost mobile-friendly websites on mobile search.

November 2016 – Google reveals plans of a mobile-first index, prioritising mobile sites rather than desktop in aid to satisfy the majority of its users.

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