Local SEO is slightly different from your standard SEO campaign but is more important than ever especially with the constant rise in mobile search, consumers and customers are forever looking for a local place to eat or a nearby store where they can locate a product or service they desire.

Local SEO brings a whole new perspective to online presence an allows businesses to rank their stores and office locations as well as their website.

I’m going to run through four quick tips to help you improve your local SEO in 2017.

Google My Business.

Undisputedly the most important aspect for ranking locally on Google is to complete and confirm your company locations using Google My Business.

Completing your GMB page helps supply information to your customers about your business and also helps you rank for non-branded search terms and appear in the local maps results as seen below.

It’s important to accurately complete your GMB pages with as much information as possible, once you have completed your My Business page Google will send a verification code to the registered address to confirm your listing so do not try to manipulate it and register in every major city in the hope of ranking there.


A citation is a reference to your businesses NAP.



Phone number

Citations are also arguably one of the most important aspects of Local SEO and although they don’t always directly link to your website they do inform Google of the trustworthiness of your business and pass authority similar to how powerful backlinks do in classic SEO.

When building citations its important to aim for local sources as well as well national ones, having lots of local niche citations will help improve your websites search presence locally.


Similar to how reviews help improve rankings for E-commerce websites reviews also have a powerful part to play in Local SEO, having good legitimate reviews on your Google My Business page really helps gain an upper hand against competitors. In the image above we can see an example of this with the top map listing having the best star rating and spot number 2 and 3 providing a slightly lower rating.

It’s important to gain honest legitimate reviews and do not have members of your company post them, Google will not take kindly to this and will flag any suspicious behavior.


So remember to first confirm your locations using Google My Business and to then build some local authority to your destinations using citations and good honest reviews. When receiving bad reviews make sure to deal with them accordingly, reviews left unattended will reflect even worse on your business.