Video marketing – the must-have tool

Ever wondered how many video views YouTube gets per day? Just under 5 billion. And Snapchat? Over 10 billion. Independent research has shown that video will account for almost three-quarters of all internet traffic in 2017. If ever there was an argument for using video as an integral part of your marketing strategy, this is it.

Top companies have recognized the sheer power of video in engaging clients and creating business and it now figures prominently in brand campaigns across the world. But what exactly has fuelled this exponential rise in the power of the video? The major social media platforms have acknowledged the value of visual content in a text-heavy world and have invested heftily in pushing out the boundaries of video use. Facebook has been at the forefront of this with the development of the picture in picture facility which allows users to view videos and browse their news feed concurrently. Companies have been prompt to respond to such developments and realise the potential of videos to promote their vision and expertise and connect and engage with their target markets.

When considering video content for a digital marketing campaign, think about your own experiences of liking and sharing videos and what made these resonate with you. What was the last video you liked and shared, and why? Did it entertain you? Did it have a story to tell?

Videos used successfully as part of a marketing plan tend to have a few things in common:

  • They are brief (usually 60 – 140 seconds)
  • They grab the viewer’s attention within the first 3 seconds
  • They tell a story (we humans like a beginning, a middle and an end)
  • They include captions (you’d be surprised at how many people view videos without sound)
  • They have a headline that’s arresting and catchy
  • They make best use of tags if appropriate to ensure content is reachable

Buying in the services of a specialist may be a worthwhile investment although you can create video content yourself (the iPhone 7 takes excellent quality video and Apple iMovie is a user-friendly editing option).

Still need persuading? Just bear the following in mind:

  • Data from Twitter indicates that videos get the most retweets
  • Over a seven-month period, video views on Facebook rose from 4 billion to 8 billion daily
  • Research by Animoto found that over 95% of consumers are positively influenced by video when deciding whether or not to make a purchase
  • Using videos can positively influence search results because search engine algorithms favour rich media (take a look at how many videos come up next time you search!)

Can you really afford not to include video in your marketing strategy?