Google recently announced that big changes are coming for their range of commercial web tools which fall under their “G Suite” umbrella.

The most talked about change coming to the update has to be the new interface for gmail. For the first time in years, your gmail is going to have a clean new look.

Smart suggestions and Smart Compose features found on the mobile rollout of Gmail are set to become available in the new G Suite update.

A snooze mode will allow users to temporarily remove emails from their inbox until a set time, so you can avoid long email threads until you want to reply. Think of it as a Do Not Disturb mode for your email.

A new security center investigation tool will become available which will allow users to probe deeper into their online security than ever before to view how their data is being used and accessed.

Business customers will now be given the option to store date via ‘data regions’  which means that certain files can now be easily moved and stored in various locations depending on your needs.

Chrome has also seen an update which includes a fresh new design and more advanced user features. The updated design features rounded shapes, new colours and updated icons. The rounded tabs are in my opinion the most noticeable change, finally Chrome has moved away from boxy look that has been available for years. The new tabs are designed to be easier to view at a glance which will be very useful for those of us that like to have far too many tabs open in one window.

The new update will more accurately fill in passwords, addresses, and card details into forms and store this information in the users Google Account. A new password manager will automatically generate and suggest strong passwords for sites during the sign up process. Chrome will then store this information on the users account which will then be available on both desktop and mobile.

That’s not all, users of Google Docs will be pleased to hear about the introduction of grammar suggestions. This new feature will allow auto proofing abilities which will enable G Suite users to analyse their writing skills on an automated basis.

Google is expanding and evolving and we can’t wait to see what else they have hidden up their sleeves. You can view all the new G Suite changes in detail here.