In a world that’s gone wildly mobile, apps and websites that provide interactive tap, pinch and expand features are increasingly common. Although it’s great to provide mobile users with these options, all too often, website owners neglect to inject interactive ingenuity and creativity into their interface for standard site users.

This sort of interactivity doesn’t even need to be part of the main website navigation (although it’s a huge plus if it is); it can be an Easter Egg sort of extra that makes your audience smile. Here are five sites we found that understand the secret behind creating intuitive-yet-unexpected interactive content that draws website visitors in and keeps them entertained.

Sirin Labs

Luxury smartphone manufacturer Sirin Labs uses a rich and interactive experience on its site, inviting potential customers to click, crack open a mysteriously glowing orb, and discover the Solarin – its newest offering that starts at a humble $13,800. Click on a 3-D rendering of each phone part to learn about things like its tough screen made of Gorilla Glass 4 and its tailor-made, 5.5” screen. Is it worth the money? Whether you think so or not, the site certainly is interesting to explore!

A Short Journey

The website for A Short Journey takes you on exactly that. Follow the onscreen instructions to click, drag, pack your suitcase and set out on an adventure. The interface does a great job of showing how even the most simple interactions can make a website truly engaging and beautiful.

A View from Above via Emirates

Speaking of journeys, the interactive “View from Above” feature designed by Emirates is sure to leave people itching to book a ticket for their next trip. Upon arriving at the site, a globe appears and website visitors are encouraged to click, drag, and spin it. As the whirling orb comes to rest, the view zooms in to reveal some of the many Emirates destinations in that part of the world. Click one to view a spectacular video highlighting that country or city’s attractions. From the Space Needle of Seattle to the dramatic oceanside cliffs of Ireland, this Emirates site inspires people to pack their bags and get traveling.

Subaru “Zero Landfill”

Auto manufacturer Subaru uses an interactive website to educate the public about being the U.S.’s first zero-landfill auto maker. Their click-to-learn timeline is laid out, for instance, as a click-and-drag chain in some areas and the the rings of a tree in others. Visitors are invited to click, drag, and learn about how Subaru has worked to become one of the world’s most environmentally-friendly car manufacturer.

The Wedze Lookbook

Snow gear gurus Wedze do a fantastic job of making their online catalogue attractive and easy and fun to navigate. Use the intuitive “Pull to Navigate” tab on the right of the screen to move between different categories of gear, then scroll through to see individual items in each group.

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