There are so many new fonts created daily that get lost in the crowd without standing a chance of success. Font websites offer countless amounts of choice for all kinds of occasions which is making it difficult to tell which fonts will truly stand the test of time.

At Ui Studios, we are definitely font snobs. We’re the type of people that walk through a supermarket and judge packaging on their font choices. Our team is constantly on the hunt for ultimate web font. We have a conducted this list of 5 web fonts that we use quite frequently in our design projects. Each of these fonts come in a huge variety of styles so there are many ways to incorporate them into your web design. Without a doubt, typography and the different text styles have an enormous effect on your designs and can easily make or break the finished product.

This collection is made up of fonts that are clean and distinctive that will make a professional impact on all your future designs, whether it be on web or print. There are no overly decorative fonts on this list, only modern and future proofed choices.


If you are a fan of a condensed sans serif fonts, look no further than Oswald by designer Vernon Adams. Inspired by classic newspaper headlines, it is a go-to header font.

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Roboto was designed by Christian Roberson and is the official font for the Android operating system.

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Montserrat was designed by Argentinian designer Julieta Ulanovasky and comes in a massive 36 styles. Montserrat is our go-to font for short pieces of all caps, its clean lines, and modern look really set this font apart from others.

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Ubuntu was originally designed by Dalton Maag for use in the Ubuntu operating system. It is a humanist-style font that’s popular for being very rounded and quirky.

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Open Sans

Open Sans was designed by Steve Matteson and comes in 10 styles so you have plenty of options. This font is extremely clean and very simple which is why this is our favourite font.

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