It wasn’t until 2013 that I saw the lead generation power that good web design and online marketing can achieve. My online marketing career started in 2012 as a web designer with a Cambridge based web design company which later became one of the top Cambridge web design companies. When I arrived at the company it was in its infancy, the director and I worked in a small shoebox-sized office on the outskirts of the city and the first year of business was slow, to say the least, despite spending unthinkable hours in the office. The biggest problem the company faced back then was lead generation, we were getting very little work in, so little in fact that the company came close to folding within its first year. However, this wasn’t through lack of trying, oh no… we’d tried everything we could think of: email campaigns, workshops, networking, letters, flyers and pretty much every other type of ‘mailable’ print product under the sun. You name it, we’d tried it!

Nearly 12 months had passed and the future of the company was looking bleak. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) back then, was something we didn’t know much about and we were fairly naïve regarding its potential for lead generation. After some further research, the company chose to partner with an SEO company in the last ditch attempt to resurrect the business from the ashes. This plunge into the world of SEO turned out to be the best decision the company had made and it wasn’t 4 months before we were receiving quote requests through the website. As the months went on it soon became apparent that SEO could work as a sole source of lead generation with the company receiving 2 quote requests a week as a result of traffic being pushed to the website. From here, the company ‘snowballed’ and we had gone from a two-man team in a shoebox office to an eight-man team in the first year of our SEO campaign.

So at this point, the website was receiving an abundance of traffic and the quote requests and phone calls were rolling in which was brilliant! However, being a web design company, we weren’t slow in wanting to know exactly how many of these website users were being converted into potential leads, and we found that even though we were receiving leads, our website was, in fact, losing the majority of its users to competitor websites. This was due to the way the website had been designed and developed. Not only were our website pages not engaging enough but we also found that the way our website was coded was conflicting with Google’s ranking criteria. We quickly set about building a brand new website from scratch that maximised user engagement and that complied with all of Google’s ranking criteria. As a result of this, we increased our leads per month by 40%.

Having seen what web design and SEO can achieve combined, I decided to learn everything I could about web design and SEO as an online marketing strategy. This ended up becoming a hobby as well as work and I soon found a passion for helping businesses market their products & services online and reap the rewards from their online marketing.

The company continued to grow into an established web design agency, taking on big name brands such as Bear Grylls, Intel, Alzheimer’s Research UK & Cambridge University. I spent 2 years as the company’s Creative Director before leaving in early 2016 to set up a business that specialises in web design and SEO for maximum lead conversion.

So in response to the title of this article “How Web Design & SEO Can Benefit Your Business”, it benefits your business by being a very reliable source of lead generation while also providing your business with a stable platform for growth. Great quality web design and SEO is the backbone of a successful online marketing campaign.